About Us

Peer2Peer Consultancy has a long heritage of serving the public and commercial sectors as well as charitable foundations and NGOs.

Originally formed by four women senior executives who saw the need for a business to provide discreet advice on a ‘peer2peer’ basis, the consultancy focused on delivering results at the most influential levels in government.

Most of the work undertaken in the early stages of the Consultancy needed a high level of discretion, which the team provided.

Many consultancies use their client base to further their own ambitions. We believe that the work we undertake for you is between you and ourselves and is not to be exploited to gain further work or to boast about our capabilities at your expense. We will never ask you if we can publish a testimonial or use your logo on our website. It’s not our style and it’s not necessary. You can be assured that however sensitive or difficult the work you ask us to do is, we will remain discreet.

We see our role very clearly in facilitating and enabling you and your teams to drive your own agenda – we will provide a sounding board, advice, guidance and knowledge for you to use as you develop your future ambitions.

Today, Peer2Peer has expanded its remit and now includes people with skills in Finance, HR, Project and Programme Management as well as Marketing and Communications.

Our team still holds at its very core, the key principles of working at senior Peer2Peer levels and discretion.

If you have a challenge, it’s worth a conversation.

Contact Sandra Malone at 07771 858 468.

Sandra Malone


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