What We Do

Peer2Peer Consultancy Ltd provides a range of services around value creation, proposition development, strategic marketing, internal and external communications, financial planning for marketing, finance, HR, project and programme management. We provide these services through a valued team of associates who can swiftly deliver to your requirements, transfer their knowledge to your teams and create an environment for you to better sustain your business or organisation.

Value Creation

The core and fundamental purpose of marketing is to create value and advantage (financial or otherwise) for an organisation, business or individual. Marketing must be aligned with either organisation or shareholder objectives. We help companies and organisations review their business objectives and align their marketing objectives accordingly, using a variety of tools including resource allocation, market segmentation, customer profitability and customer retention models.

Strategic Marketing

Setting the right marketing strategy will deliver shareholder value. A strategic marketing approach will build a foundation for your business based upon customer insights and a deep understanding of your sector.

When we undertake to strategically market your business, we will first analyse your current brand positioning and your current go to market strategies. This work could include an analysis of your pricing, product and geographic strategies as required.

We'll then segment the most attractive market segments to create the applicable 'go to market' strategy and we will, of course, identify the right channels and approach, taking into consideration what's new in technology.

Digital Marketing Services

It's important to use the right digital channels for the identified customer segments to maximise your business profile and to generate conversations, engagement and leads for your business.

Like most companies, you'll have already begun using a digital approach to your market but it may be time to take stock and work out if your approach is a good return on investment.

We will analyse your current digital strategy and approach by:

  • Overall business brand
  • By product
  • By Customer segment
  • By geography

........to create a clear digital strategy for each segment and to advise you of where to place the marketing monies you have to invest.

Reputation Management

A positive reputation is one of the largest intangible assets an organisation has, enabling it to compete and succeed. The loss of reputation however, can have a serious and negative impact, not only in financial terms but in terms of trust for the organisation and its constituencies.

We have a process for assessing your reputational risk profile and for mitigating the risks that are evidenced. We can manage your reputation on a contractual basis, online and in print. Or we can manage single reputational events. We can also coach your team and put processes in place so that you can manage your own reputation.

Proposition Development

There is always a risk that the market share attainable is actually less than forecast and this could be because customers simply don’t like or value the product or service, relative to a competitive alternative. Conflicts arise because it’s both quicker and easier to make a standardized value proposition that is easy and cheap to deliver. Unfortunately, almost all customers would like to see a proposition that is tailored to their specific needs. We help you to develop relevant propositions that will resonate with your customer base. We focus on realistic proposition flexibility and the development of extended elements which could enhance,(or detract), from your core proposition.

Global Marketing

Everyone has ‘war stories’ from operating in geographies that are not their own. Developing marketing strategies in different geographies requires research, networks and a strong offer. We have had particular success in creating new markets, launching products and services worldwide, analysing opportunities in new and emerging markets and collaboratively working with colleagues across the world. We can help you with market definition, entry strategies; withdrawal strategies; market mapping, proposition tailoring and market segmentation.

Customer Experience & Analysis

Marketing has a key role to play to define markets and to understand the needs of the segments within these markets, and then of course, to formulate strategies for meeting those needs. Understanding how a customer experiences your organisation is crucial to this process. The evidence gathered from this understanding will help you to craft our offer to this marketl

Brand Creation, Development &Management

A brand is a promise. We look at brand creation, development and management from this perspective. What is it that you can actually, unequivocally, promise to your set of customers? The secret to success is correct market definition and segmentation. Therefore it makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their needs.  A strong brand

  • Delivers the message clearly
  • Confirms your credibility
  • Connects your target prospects emotionally
  • Motivates engagement

Your brand needs to reside within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some of which you cannot. We help you control and manage the components that you can.

Employee Branding and Communications

Many companies and organisations focus their brand work externally in an effort to influence prospective engagement with customers or clients. Few realise that a strong brand first starts internally with employees. Much expensive external brand work is wasted because engagement at employee level lacks the same enthusiasm and commitment. How many of us have been disappointed when we’ve contacted a company or a charity or some other organisation only to be met with indifference on the telephone; incompetence or downright disinterest? Our expectations dashed, we turn to a competitor or go elsewhere.

We use our extensive experience in understanding people, match it with our unrivalled experience in branding and communication, connect the two and work with you to develop an internal manifestation of your external brand, ensuring that what you promise to deliver, you’re capable of delivering.

Marketing Forensics

The challenge with marketing has always been ‘proving’ it’s worth. Has Marketing really contributed to your success? Or is it a black art? We can tell you. We look at your marketing expenditure, your target audiences, your marketing activity and then we analyse the data to determine if your marketing has delivered the outcomes you expected. We can also advise you about marketing automation tools for future use.

Marketing Due Diligence

Professor Malcolm McDonald (Cranfield University) coined this phrase, but basically it’s about reconnecting strategy to share price or in other words, focusing on the key issues of strategy that create measurable value. We help you to review your business and marketing strategies and create a marketing strategy that is going to make returns, above the cost of capital, taking into account the risks associated with the strategy. Isn’t it time that your marketing strategy delivers to your expectations?


The brainchild of Maureen and Ian Dalziel, Datanomics is a trademarked tool to input and analyse customer data, insight and engagement, which in turn, produces an evidenced based set of recommendations for improving and enhancing the management of customer and client relationships.

Used recently in the analysis of nurses across a region in the UK to determine education attainment levels, the results focused the NHS on the number of nurses that needed to gain further qualifications to meet incoming and non-negotiable EU standards for nursing care.

Product Marketing

Customers have needs and they buy products to satisfy them. A product  can be viewed as a bundle of benefits and around 80% of the impact of a product comes not from the core product itself but from what is often referred to as ‘the product surround’. We help companies review and analyse their products against their target segments needs. We review both the bundle and the surround and can help you to position, re-position, launch and withdraw products.

Project Management

We manage people and resource projects; we manage marketing projects and we manage HR projects. Our project managers have specific project management training and skills. We can manage short-term or interim projects; we can ‘save’ a project and we can develop project management processes for a future project.

Team Building, Mentoring and Motivation

Our qualified staff are able to help you create a cohesive and productive team. We have qualified coaches skilled in mentoring and motivating your team.

Modelling Impact and response

Using a set of bespoke tools unique to Peer-2-Peer consultancy we can deploy our range of modelling tools to assess the impact and response of your marketing strategy and tactics.[/fusion_text]